Sunday, February 1, 2015

5 mistake for credit motor bike

back again to transportation who is still a one of the problems can still make you feel dizzy, moreover if you live in big cities .Congestion and comfort when in the way of is the main factors that must be considered when drive .Because this , many the society choose buy motorcycles because it can shorten time to get to the goal and efficient in everything especially the cost of .The dimudahkannya to apply for credit motor , and the throngs to pay for it , sometimes without paying dp will , motor have can be taken home by the buyer assuming credit monthly expensive contrasted with a who pays dp large , so , for the bill monthly can it be cheaper and the tenor taken is not too long .

For that for those of you who want to buy a motor by means of credit , a look at some fault that is supposed to avoid when applying credit for motorcycles: 1 .Bought to show off there are still people who bought a motor for nothing more than recreational showy while on holiday travelers arrive .And it shall avoid because buy not to the needs of .Sometimes buy motor just because hungry eye only because of the number of motorcycle many new circulating right now , not only fiturnya machine as well as new , although only just stripping new still the community there are still those who want to buy one .
2 .Do not buy when debt accumulate ideally your debt must not over 30 % of their salary .Buy motor on credit will add your debt every month , so consider first time to apply for credit motor , if buy a motorcycle needs , sesuaikanlah with salary and your debt every month .3 .Do not look for best leasing ~
Many companies financing motor and diverse have made some of the company do not act professionally.Seek company that is incorporated in the members of association finance company indonesia ( appi ).You do not lazy looking for comparison of between a dealer that is, it could be in one of a dealer offer the opportunity to enlarge dp and negotiate for yourself was always for got the bill lowest monthly.

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