Thursday, February 5, 2015

Economic forum ( company clarification market economy )

Today it is indeed undeniable that community now generally follow education solely to the hope of working in government agencies arguing that more assured of life until old later karenakan all dependents need so Government dependents. But if in view of the present reality has a lot of potential to indonesiaa people can develop activities wirausahawannya can even get to the level of international level. build business at age of was young.

 The result of agriculture okay, mining and energy amazing, labor remarkable, the cost of living is still relatively good low compared to the developing other countries. So that that can be realized that the government must also take also contribute, because now the case in capital, indeed the hell now the government is already making a program similar but not yet seoptimal expected. Because it is still far wide of the mark of basic planning countries like develop micro business by granting soft loans to traders that requires, but the interest rates are still to be a burden to them.

If the Government can procure fresh funds to small entrepreneurs without dues, with terms set one of the agencies that handle that part to be able to control each channel has on financing. just like bill gate Then how the Government can pull back those funds?

  1. channelling funds do it gradually by looking at the level of seriousness and efficiency of entrepreneurs 
  2. give input about the share of the market has indeed been needed audiences 
  3. after first stage remittances could go smoothly, the new Government may assign the agreement of financing, any entrepreneurs in karenakan parties can already predict the prospect of the future as it has been through the first stages, so she's so getting steady to manambah capital and all the necessary commodities to develop its business without having to think dues from financing such.


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