Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Build business at the age of was young?

Build business at the age of was young? Hmm sounds and have fun yes :) do you one of the people who want to have business in a young age? Or, do you professional young also want to build business as additional income? Will it ever come to mind to us fellow / friend you build a business together?

Having an enterprise in at the age of was young were something that could be said of brave and great. Bold, because of many risks in it. Great, because at the age of was young, we have time that relative more compare when we manage at the age of have age and coming retirement. Business in age of young required a number of preparation and plan. Starting from capital often so obstacles, until to an issue preparation mental sometimes often missing.

Well, in articles this time, we are going to talk a wide range of experiences young man most successful Indonesian build business when of young. We will a lot to learn the story of their journey starting a business, starting at the tips successful, until various things to be kea avoid. Curious anything? We voyeur tips they succeed!

The principle 3ms from flax a thong in business there must be 3 m have, capable of, money ).If one of no can partnered
One of tips important in the business from flax a thong, coo a company service providers ready-made office. According to him , for children young wants to establish a business , need to check 3 factors that is volition , the ability , and capital .Volition comes from yourself , namely passion .Desire run a business with a million vision and dreams behind him and love us against something that want to seriously. Flax admitted interested in business provision of office ready-made this because he is interested in the property. He caught a very good that would be a lot springing company small needing an office instant .Based on this reason, flax execute dreams.

The ability. The second factor that is essential for owned when build a business is our capacity to deploy. Is related to readiness we both in terms of insight of the world business, knowledge of the subjects we will to run, and of managerial capabilities. The latter is money, or capital. What if we have no one of them? Yup, the solution is too partnered! Suppose, if you have passion in the field of fashion and has been in dir you with various insight the world fashion, but a lack of capital. Seek investors! On the other hand, if you have a wish and money/ capital but do not know how fig runs business, seek partner/ partner as the party management

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