Saturday, August 11, 2018

How To Sell Combs To Bald Heads?

The big boss's orders as well as the boss of  the sales company are selling combs in themonastery or monastery that most of the residents have bald heads who don't have hair at all. Sell ​​combs to bald people

For this valuation company it is very important and this test is a requirement to be accepted as a sales employee in a Big company and BONAFIT COMPANY.

There are 3 people who apply for the position. This test is of course very difficult and very beyond reason. The three prospective employees are assigned to different monasteries and have almost the same level of temple residents and visitors.

The first prospective employee starts acting,
He offered his comb to the monks one by one, starting with the most senior monks to the most recent monks. But no one is interested in buying the comb because everything is bald and there is no hair to comb. Finally he went to a very old monk, because this was the most senior monk among all the monks in the monastery. His head was bald, but his beard was long and thick. The first prospective sales employee recounted what was his duty from the company to the senior monk.

Finally, with compassion at hearing the explanation of the young salesman, the senior monk bought a piece hair comb. The end of the sales employee candidate managed to sell the comb in the temple 1 piece.

The second prospective sales employee will act ...
Because it was assigned to sell combs in the monastery, so he turned his brain how to increase sales. He thinks that selling a comb to a monk is not profitable. So he sold the comb to visitors at the temple. He went to all the crowds, who visited the monastery, so he could sell 20 combs.

The third prospective sales employee in action ....
This third sales candidate made the sales director amazed, because he got sales of 500 combs sold at the monastery, in stark contrast to his partners who could only sell just few comb. In fact he did it in a very short time. The sales director ask directly how to sell combs at the temple.
What is the strategy?

The Strategy of this young man, He went to the most senior head monk, "he told the chief monk that he wanted to provide assistance to the monastery but by selling a comb to make souvenirs and the profits he would give to the Head monk on condition that this comb would be made a souvenir to visitors to the temple with the signature of the monk head of the monastery. " Finally, the sale of the comb runs automatically.

I hope the story above becomes the material for our reflection to make us think outside the box.

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