Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A way of getting love

our sweet memory
love and lifestyle
The way this one is way klasic actually. The only way done only with a little action will get the results as we want. My friends consider me this is playboy who frequently changed girlfriends, in just a short time can get what we desire. Can get a boyfriend by not doing anything, just follow what I want to achieve (this is assumption friends of my friends, and I think this assumption is the assumption that there are redundant and mengada, I think anyway).
A friend of mine came up asking for a way to get a boyfriend that is a woman who, according to him, which he very pretty woman who is responsible and the woman who has character. My friend has a mental illness that minder, debilitating mental illness itself, a disease that is only a presumption in its course. I just give a mantra, the mantra is the same as that given by the shaman shaman, as they do to enlarge his pride and make a great suggestion that I spell it always works. (Because of the real, which I give him is just a poem song which I combine with words that I own reef).
I also said a expression of the , one who fails reject had tried to Make it struck , i think this is an expression that have often we read , for those who like to read , but for my friend was , looks like expression this is what new he heard .I think the hell so because see expression face was surprised .My own almost laughed hear the words , but for my friend this is a spell to get what she expect .I just said , you read a spell this , the night the same time in a week , and when you study you imagine she come see you , with brings tough love , with his love and hope you to accept it  

After a week she practice what I recommend, what happened, did he not get the siwanita idamannya that in a short time, and after mendapatkannyapun their relationship does not run long. Now my friend, in fact she is now brighter, when met with a woman. As such he katakannya to me. In my heart laughs, it's incredibly melodic poetry which I created to make. It would be great is a presumption of himself, who was let go from the disease a disease that could not be detected by this medical science because of the ailment only occurred when he was close to a girl he liked, diseases of the subconscious


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