Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A fox a way of thinking that streaked forward

Disguise a way of thinking first, new you will be able to change yourself.I ever met the person who have masalalu which the ordinary course, but he always of dramatizing the state of being made her more had never to cry.Really pathetic this guy, we should felt sorry for her like he felt sorry for himself.He could find reasons why she had to grieve, he could easily find an excuse that reason with soon as reasons is binding strongly in his mind, in her memory.

But because this is just to understand , i can explain to you why do we have to grieve who are made up , only a falsely wrong , and hence that sadness have no right to be within us .For example: there was a who lost a family member , a child , or a younger sister , an uncle or anyone else of members of the family we lost , or meniggal the world , or anything that missing of them .

We sad at the time lost it is the norm , and that can still be tolerated , but if this went on, this just sadness shallow , who reasons we are looking for find , reasons made for , that when we looking to one , we will find a hundred reason to lament , even a million reasons for that .So actually grief this is just a reason to pity self , a cause to make us to reinvent grief , that found that reason to lament we .Is not actually grief it was an invention reasons for that .Just to say that they were a person who is weak , and they would find a reason for it.

 Sadness brought take this have pemantik as detonators that they found in many ways , because the thought they trained for it , because their minds are accustomed to remember him back with easy even with without effort in the slightest degree .This same situation occurred with a bad-tempered person , the anger that brought bring that had long been still sits in her .The anger that what just happened , that may be due to something that should not use anger , and they make this is a large emarahan , because basically they only look for excuses to cover their disappointment against himself or herself .

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